Welcome and thanks for visiting my page.  To me, “Capturing Life’s Sweetest Moments” means there is beauty in every experience when it’s shared with someone you love!  You don’t need a big, special occasion to stop and appreciate the people and things around you that make you happiest!  Most often it’s the little moments of laughing at an inside joke or snuggling CLOSE with momma that are truly meaningful, and these are the most important memories to catch and freeze forever.  


Often, parents think they’ve got to get their children to “say cheese” for family photos. When you book a session with me, you can expect a casual, fun experience different from the traditional, “SAY CHEESE” photo session.  I believe strongly that you are most beautiful when you’re laughing and playing with the people you love, so I begin each session with a little guidance and then encourage you to forget I’m even there while you interact NATURALLY with one another.  The smiles I catch highlight the missing front teeth or the freckly red cheeks that define your loved ones as you see them today.  These unposed, authentic smiles are always so much more beautiful, and they capture the joy and happiness that exists in your “everyday”!


Like so many photographers, my journey began with my first pregnancy.  I so deeply wanted to harness the loved I felt for him with pictures of every perfect little moment before it faded! I quickly learned, though, that there is something beautiful and unique in each moment that is worth capturing. That is why I am passionate about encouraging families, couples, and individuals to set aside a little time to capture this special, everyday perfect moments in your life that make it so sweet. 


I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about me and about what you can expect when you work with me.  I hope to help capture your sweetest moments soon!